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SeekMark – a threaded random I/O tester, designed to test the number of seeks and hence get a rough idea of the access time of a disk and the number of iops it can perform .  It was loosely inspired by the ‘seeker’ program (http://www.linuxinsight.com/how_fast_is_your_disk.html), when it was noticed that the results from seeker were very much the same for a RAID array as for a single disk, and a look at the code showed that it was doing one random read at a time, basically only triggering access to one drive and waiting for that to complete before continuing. What we want to see is not only the performance of a single spindle, but how much benefit we get on random reads as we add spindles.This pretty much only works on systems that allow you to open disks as files, although it’s written such that you can test against regular files. As long as the file is sufficiently large (a couple of gigs),  I get pretty much the same results when testing against a file, partition, or whole disk. The file of course could also be fragmented, helping our cause somewhat.

Seekmark is now hosted on github:


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