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Marcus Sorensen is an IT architect and entrepreneur located in the Wasatch Front area of Utah. He has a background in electronics and computer science, and recently has been working on enterprise cloud infrastructures. He is a project manager and code committer for the Apache CloudStack project. He has worked on datacenter deployments in Singapore and Utah for the Intel/Micron NAND flash joint venture, improved infrastructure for Endurance International, and designed custom storage SANs and cloud infrastructure for BetterServers, Inc. He has done consulting for various small businesses, getting their systems on track; monitored, secured, and automated. He is available for cloud or general IT consulting, provide your email address in the form below to request a consultation.


  1. Richard

    Hi Marcus,
    I am following your VMWare Fusion + Cloudstack DevCloud setup guide and I cannot SSH to the DevCloud VM IP.

    richard$ sudo ssh root@
    ssh: connect to host port 22: Permission denied

    I also noticed I can’t ping anything from inside the VM. Can you enlighten me on the steps needed to enable networking on the DevCloud VM?

  2. marcusmarcus Post author

    I’ll send you an email you about this so we don’t have to go back and forth over comments so much, but I’ll make an initial response here as well.If you can’t ping the network you set up from within the VM, it seems the issue is less to do with the devcloud and more to do with the VM and Fusion’s networking. It doesn’t sound like you’re using the same network setup that the devcloud-kvm is built with (different IPs), which might make things a bit more difficult, as devcloud-kvm has static IPs. Are you following the slideshare/video from the last conference, or the devcloud-kvm wiki? If you have the pro version of VMware Fusion, I’d suggest setting up the networks to be identical to the guide and just leaving everything as-is within the vm, unless you have a specific need to change something.

  3. Greg

    Hello, I have a Proto Pi 1.1 (branded electron14 and your name 2014) for an older model B project. Am trying to expand the previous circuit but am totally confused how this board is laid out. I need the printable board/pin layout that used to be available on your website. Tried googling but not having any luck. Can you please email me a jpg or pdf or provide current link to download? It’s a half-size proto board. Thanks!

  4. marcusmarcus Post author

    I know what you mean, the silk screen for the layout didn’t come out quite as I had hoped. These references were on the product page, but not accessible since they’ve sold out. I was basically breaking even on these as a hobby, and haven’t replenished stock yet, even thought I’ve got a few hundred boards in the closet waiting to be packaged and shipped.

    Proto pi

    Proto pi B+

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