Don’t Throw Out Those QC2.0 Chargers Just Yet!

Nexus 5X and 6P are out, and there’s a fair amount of noise about lack of QC2.0 support, despite having Qualcomm chipsets. When I got my Nexus 5X, one of the first things I did was try to charge it with my QC2.0 charger. Lo and behold, the marshmallow lock screen declared “charging rapidly”. I then did an unscientific test, letting it charge from about 50% to 55% with the QC2.0 charger, then switching to the stock charger, and looking at the charging graph. There was no discernible change in the slope of the charging curve on the battery graph in settings. Great!

However, not all was well. The next day I plugged in at work, with the same model of charger but a different, longer cable of another brand. No “charging rapidly”. I assume there’s a degree of variance in the cables (both marketed as USB 3.1 compliant), but I need to try the original cable with the other charger to be sure.

Later, I began looking around online and found many reports that these phones are not QC2.0 compatible, and to expect slow charging from the adapters. So I plugged in my original charger/cable, and took some pictures with a kill-a-watt. Still not exactly scientific, but you can clearly see that I’m getting pretty good charging out of it (~13W), in fact slightly better than I was getting from stock (~11W). I let it charge on each one for about 5 minutes, taking a snapshot of what seemed like the rough average, and swapped back and forth between the two twice, with the same results.

The charger is an Aukey QC2.0 and the cable is a ‘cable matters’ 3ft type A to type C cable, both acquired from Amazon. These pictures are bad, I didn’t want to use the Nexus 5X to take the photos so I resorted to a Nexus 7 that was lying around. The kill-a-watt is set to measure watts.






QC2.0 on Nexus 5X


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