SeekMark Update

I just updated SeekMark to include a write seek test. I was initially reluctant to do this, because nobody would ever want to screw up their filesystem by performing a random write test to the disk it resides on, right?? Of course not, but occasionally you need to benchmark a disk, for the sake of benchmarking, and aren’t worried about the data. And of course, I didn’t care about that functionality until I needed it myself!

So here we have version 0.8 of SeekMark, which adds the following features:

  • write test via “-w” flag, with a required argument of “destroy-data”
  • allows for specification of io size via the “-i” flag, from 1byte to 1048576 bytes (1 megabyte). The intended purpose of the benchmark (which is to test max iops and latency) is still best fulfilled by the default io size of 512, but changing the io size can be useful in certain situations.
  • added “-q” flag per suggestions, which skips per-thread reporting and limits output to the result totals and any errors that possibly arise

Now head on over to the SeekMark page and get it!

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